From the Desk of Jt. Organizing Secretary

Dr S K Parashar

Dear Colleague

Cardiology practice has seen many changing faces. From purely being in an appendage to internal medicine it has become a super speciality to reckon with. Last half a century or so has witnessed revolution which has been most expeditions. Diagnostics modalities have spread its tentacles in cardiology like an octopus, so has ultrasound of heart gained its own space in the diagnostic armamentarium.

Echocardiography as it has been called has tremendous advantages to its credit. Being non-invasive, portable, non radiation requiring modality spaces it differentially to name a few.

We are in an era wherein it is difficult to keep pace with the development of Echo as a modality, forget about whole science.

World Congress 2017 conference has a distinct flavour to it. First time being held in the `pink city’ we propose to have a feast of academic deliberations and grandiose of rich Indian history.

We welcome one and all to be a part of this scientific festivity.

Sameer Shrivastava
Jt. Organising Secretary

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