From the Desk of Chairman Scientific

Dr S K Parashar

Dear Friends,

With utmost pleasure, I invite everyone of you for the 22nd annual convention of Indian Academy of Echocardiography which will be held along with and as a part of 24th World Congress of Clinical Cardiology, Echocardiography and allied Imaging. I should thank with humility, the Indian Academy of Echocardiography, for giving me the privilege of being the scientific committee chairman for echocardiography sessions.

Multimodality Imaging is the order of the day and need of the hour. For diagnosis of all cardiovascular diseases we need to gather insight from more than one imaging modality although Echocardiography continues to be the prime investigation modality centering which all the other modalities exist and expand. Realizing the pivotal role played by Echocardiography in rapid and accurate diagnosis of most if not all of the cardiovascular disorders, majority of the intearction time will be devoted for Echocardiography in this meeting. Considerable time will be allotted for other imaging modalities to understand how these newer methods supplement and augment the information obtained by Echocardiography. Moreover this conference aims at Integrating Clinical Information with Imaging Techniques which is absolutely necessary in the present era of deteriorating clinical skills. Since the scientific programme is designed in such a way to disseminate mostly the practical aspects of imaging rather than discussing the theoretical issues, you will certainly have ample opportunity to refine your knowledge and skills.

With the panaroma of Imaging Experts from all over the World who will be dedicating themselves to shape and sharpen our knowledge, I am sure you will have an everlasting memory of the event as well the acquired skills.

Come, Indulge in Learning and Experience the difference !

Chairman, Scientific Committee

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